Friday, June 07, 2013

Pray for Brad

Please add the name of Brad Simonson, my son, to your prayer rolls.  He fell 25 feet from a redwood tree last Friday, May 31, between 8:30 and 8:45 p.m.  He has been at UC Med Center NSICU since then.  He has made a little progress but it will be a long haul.  He suffered traumatic brain injury.  No broken bones, miraculously, and no spinal cord injury that we can see at this point.  He can see, although I don't know how well.  He can speak but very slurred and he can hear.  He can respond to simple commands.  But he is very confused and agitated.  They needed to put a catheter in his brain to allow for swelling but it was removed within 24 hours which is quick for this kind of injury.  What they can't tell us is how well he will recover -- to what extent.  It is a waiting game.  Thank you for including him in your prayer circle.  Sincerely, Cynthia


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ruth & Dave M.

Dear Prayer Warriors (and I mean that literally), your prayers are in great demand!  Ruth M. is a woman of about 60-65 yrs. old. She is a precious Believer and has never been ill.  She is in the hospital now with a diagnosis of Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, but cannot start treatment until she recuperates from a sudden affliction from pneumonia and, subsequently, an infection. 

It is my thought that perhaps the delay is so that God's Handiwork will prevail before the chemo treatments start.  Ruth is the strength of the family.  She and Dave have older children (son and daughter I think) who are present. Dave has expressed that at least it appears the family is being pulled together because of this.

We all know that God can and does use any situation to bring about His purpose for His children. Please pray with me that God's Hand will be seen moving and working, that the healing which is NOW present will be Ruth's, and that the family will be drawn to Jesus in a way they never were before.  And as you pray, please keep a mental image of a woman who is whole, well, happy and sharing Jesus everywhere she goes!!
Cheryl C.

Request from Eddie B-B.

Please pray for Trish C. and family. Her father is receiving Hospice care. If anyone has ever endured a lengthy illness or know someone who has, you know how difficult it is on the family. 

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Praise Report

I used to see this homeless man around town and his name is Dwayne and over the years I noticed he had gotten really skinny.  I would give him a little money and talk to him for a moment.  I would also periodically pray for him.  Then I noticed I hadn't seen him in a while.  Well, the other day I was walking around at lunch and I saw him and he waived to me and I waived back.  He didn't seem to be homeless anymore, he was walking just like all the other people around me like he had a place to go and he looked good!!!  I was thrilled to see him and praise the Lord because He is good and He answers our prayers.--Vickie

Monday, March 25, 2013

Prayer Request for Velda's Sister

Please pray for Velda's sister who had a heart attack this weekend.  She will be having a quadruple bypass on Wednesday.  Thank you.  ~Sandy

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ruth M.

Please pray for Dave and Ruth M.   Ruth has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It is past the early stages and she will require 6 months of chemotherapy before the doctor will know if it is operable.  Dave & Ruth are firm believers and know that God can and will bring good out of this. They ask your prayers for swift recovery to full health for Ruth.  Thanking you in advance for your thoughtful prayers over this situation.  Please hold a vision of "complete health" as you pray!
Cheryl C.


Prayer Request for Anita from Vickie M.

Please pray for Anita who has been in the hospital for 5 days now.  She has had bronchitis and other complications and now they have diagnosed her with a bad strain of the flu.  She is also on oxygen.  Please pray for complete recovery for her. Thanks again prayer warriors.


Prayer Request for DJ

PRAYER REQUEST FROM VICKIE M. (with background requests)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 3:25 PM

Please continue to pray for DJ who is doing another round of chemo and not doing well.  She has tried to come back to work in between chemo and she looks very frail and again she doesn't feel like eating because she doesn't feel well.  Please ask the Lord for wisdom for her because she is considering not going through with the rest of the chemo and just putting her health in the Lord's hand and she is considering going out on disability again instead of trying to come back to work.  I am still believing in the Lord's healing hands upon her and her complete recovery.  Thanks you ever faithful prayer warriors!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013 3:16 PM
Please continue to pray for DJ.  She has lost 40 lbs. (and doesn't feel like eating) and is continuing to heal from her surgery, but was just told she has to have another round of chemo (3 to 5 months), a week at a time when she is completely well from the surgery.  Please pray for God's healing hands to completely heal her before they begin the new round of chemo and pray that she feels God's presence in her life to lift her spirits up, and let Him remind her that she is His and He cares for her and He wants her well.  Also, please pray for their finances at this time, that somewhere along the way they get a windfall.  Please also keep her husband and daughter in your prayers also.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 3:53 PM
Please continue to pray for DJ, she had to go into surgery on Dec. 5 to remove what was left of the tumor in her colon and she seemed to be doing fine after that and then yesterday she had to be rushed back to the hospital and they had to go in again, something about the stitches not holding on her colon.  Please pray for the Lord to fill her up with his presence and His Love and continue to pray for complete healing for her.  She is a strong believer, but, right now she needs to have her spirits lifted up.  Also, be in prayer that her husband can get the much needed rest he needs, he also has some physical problems and pray for their daughter also.

Monday, September 17, 2012 11:57 AM
Please pray for DJ (who works here).  She has been diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer.  Her last day was Friday and now she will be going through about 6 weeks of radiation and chemo. 
She is a wonderful Christian lady and is confident that the Lord will see her through this and I am sharing her belief.  Please lift her up and her family for peace during this time and of course complete healing of this awful disease.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Prayer request for Wendy

Please pray for Wendy J.  She's in the hospital with heart problems.  I know God will see her through this.  ~ Ruby 



Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayer Request for Anita's Grandpa

Anita's grandpa is in the hospital, I don't know what is wrong yet, but, please pray for complete healing for him and I believe salvation is needed here also. Thanks prayer warriors!!!  ~Vickie

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Prayer Request for Kathy and her mother, Mary

Please pray for Kathy's mom, Mary, who I just found out has cancer and the drs. have only given her 6 months to live and she is not saved (she is 85).  Please pray for healing and salvation for her and boldness for me when I tell her about Jesus.  Let me be Jesus' light and mouthpiece for Kathy and for Mary and let them both be open to hearing all about Jesus.  Thank you prayer warriors!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prayer for Bill

Dear Prayer Warriors, please pray for my brother-in-law, Bill, especially Wednesday morning (6/27/12) anytime from 5:00 to noon or 1PM.  He will be going into back surgery to correct some discs that are destroyed. Please just pray as you are led by the Holy Spirit.  All prayers are heard by our Father and I know He intends for Bill to have excellent health!

Update on Nicole (auto accident)

This report from Dianne regarding her daughter (Nicole) who suffered multiple injuries and brain trauma from an auto accident over the Father's Day weekend:

She came home yesterday in the late afternoon, but had a difficult night.  She has 8 pelvic fractures and 1 fractured rib which are still horribly painful, and since we don't have a hospital bed for her, she really didn't sleep much. 
But her brain seems almost entirely back to normal already.  THANK YOU so much for your prayers!  God has certainly been good to us.  Her neuro trauma intensive care doctors were super-cautious and implanted a screen, just in case the inactivity caused blood clots - and when they took it out last Friday, there was one there.  It could have killed her or caused a stroke. 

Friday, June 08, 2012

Prayer Request for Zoey

I met a lady named Tammy V. today.  Her friend is the mother of one of the 9 "pool babies" that have had a drowning incident in the last several days. The baby is named Zoey and is alive. She is currently in ICU and it's touch and go.  ~ Amber


Prayer Request for Tara

Please pray for my daughter, Tara.  She was found on the ground passed out and taken to Kaiser South; diagnosed with a rare condition called "Thrombocytopenic Thrombotic Purpura". Its a blood disease, which has been complicated with kidney failure. Tara also has other medical issues that need Gods help.  ~ Debbie


Monday, June 04, 2012

Prayer Request for Felicia

Please pray for my niece, Felicia. Some lumps were discovered and a cat scan was performed today. Please pray that the results come back clear and with no cancer. Pray for peace for Felicia, for my sister (Felicia's mom) and our entire family during this time. Felicia has 4 kids.  ~ Jan


Status re: David and Prayer Request for David's Family

My dad, David, went to be with Jesus at 7:09 p.m. last night.  He is finally at peace, pain free, released to our Heavenly Father!  I need prayers for how & when to tell my mom, Mary Ann, who has Alzheimer's.  My brother, Chuck, his wife, Kelly, & one daughter, Sydney, are flying up tomorrow.   Paul flies out of town for business Monday morning for a week.   Pleas pray for every member of our family in celebrating Dad's salvation & life everlasting with Jesus while dealing with all of the related worldly issues that have suddenly come upon us.  This is sudden & rather shocking to us.  ~ Heidi


Prayer Requestfor Dan and Linda

Please pray for Dan.  I am with him at in the emergency room.  His stomach is quite swollen making it hard for him to breath.  His legs and feet are swollen.  He is getting an EKG right now. They have mentioned possible congestive heart failure.  I am praying, but I am scared.  Thank you.  Amen.  ~ Linda


Friday, June 01, 2012

Prayer Request for Nelly

Please pray for my mother in law Nelly who suffered a heart attack yesterday evening.  They had to transport her to a hospital that was 2 hours away and she is now in ICU. Thanks.  ~ Anita

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer Request for Heidi's family

We are asking for prayers for my brother, Chuck, who is going in for a biopsy today for Prostate cancer.  God's peace, calm, healing & Chuck's release to God.  Chuck's wife, Kelly, has been in a rehab program for drug & alcohol addiction.  She needs Jesus' healing & deliverance from that demon.  My Mom, Mary Ann, who has been recuperating from her fall in a facility, has Alzheimer's, but needs to move by July 1st, as the cost of living there is unsustainable.  She needs continued healing, reassurance of Jesus' love & presence & God's best place for her next place to live. My Dad, David, has been losing weight rapidly, sad, depressed & several times fallen down while alone.  He admits to not having the strength to get up for up to an hour.  Thankfully he hasn't knocked himself out or been seriously injured in those times. He now lives alone in a 2 story house. He has a doc appt tomorrow to try to figure out why he has had a sharp decline of health over past 2 months. I attend my parents' doc visits, so hope to hear some answers.  He fears for what looks imminent - his loss of independence, perhaps loss of driving privileges, most likely loss of house, loss of comforting cats, many losses all at once, etc.  He has been having fender benders due to lack of judgment.  David needs God's healing of all of these sudden symptoms, Jesus' presence felt & known and God's best will to come through for him & his future.  He needs TONS of reassurance.  Our son, Ben, is changing schools again.  Pray for divine guidance in our limited choices.  These past 2 years have been difficult for him in many respects. He needs Jesus' reassurance in his life as well.  Prayers also for our next house possibility for our family.  We have run our course of renting our present house. We were given 1 year and we are at 13 months now.  We have only a couple of months left before they move in his parents.  Yet we remain in our same situation as we were last year – no guaranteed income, no savings, no resources, no credit cards or line of credit, and foreclosure from last year.  No one would rent to us last year – only through God's intervention & grace did a friend (who is a Christian & pastor) took a chance on us in our present house.  Finances remain an issue in our family as well.  Prayers for HUGE breakthrough in that area.  So, there are MANY prayers needs in our family right now.  I am the sole caretaker for my Mom & Dad, as my brother has never lived close by, and still have my own family to take care of.   We lean heavily into Jesus, thank Him for who He is, what He has done & what He will do with all of these crises hitting all at once.  We always look for God's ways, means & guidance – all to His glory.  We are all exhausted from 3 ½ years of no job, no guarantee of anything, losses in many respects & not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  We KNOW with all our hearts that anything is possible with God.  We look for God's supernatural strength, peace, calm, comfort, wisdom, knowledge & guidance in ALL things.

We thank you prayer warriors! ~ Heidi


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Praise report and continued prayer request for Larry

Thank you all for praying for my son Larry who has been addicted to pills.  He texted me and told me he wants to be clean and wants his life back and wants help.  I just asked God to get satan out of him yesterday and now this.  God is so good.  Please keep praying that God helps him through this as we have a long road ahead of us. ~ Bobbie




Friday, March 30, 2012

Prayer Request for Betty

Please pray for my gram Betty, she has been ill off and on for over a year. The doctors have discovered she is bleeding internally and have to run a series of test to locate the bleeding. She is very uncomfortable, which breaks my heart!!! Most importantly she has never accepted Jesus. Please pray as you feel led.  ~  Brenda

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prayer request for Ruby

Please be in prayer for Ruby who is going through some trials and tribulations right now. Pray for wisdom, peace and that she feels the Lord's presence in her very soul during this time. Thank you prayer warriors. ~ Vickie

Prayer Request for Joanne

Please pray for my friend Joanne who has been having all kinds of health problems and has been in and out of the hospital.  The doctors don't seem to know what the problem is.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and complete healing of her whole body. Thanks.  ~ Anita

Monday, March 26, 2012

Need prayers for my daughter Maribel

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,  I was awakened this morning at around 4:45 a.m. to ask YOU for prayers for my daughter, Maribel by our Lord Almighty. My daughter has been in the hospital now for 6 days and we thought that it was only going to be for 2 days. Her kidney is now failing due to all the strong dosage of medications given to her to remove a fungus. She's now being monitored closely by different doctors to try and prevent her transplanted kidney from failing permanently. But after giving her another scan they found two more fungal infections that are lingering in her lungs and in another part of her body (I forgot where). They're trying to see if they can avoid surgery and just give her another strong medication to prevent these two new fungal infections from spreading. If they can give her this strong medication, they're contemplating to give her kidney a break and just put her on dialysis temporarily so that they could concentrate on treating the fungus instead. This is where I need prayers because the doctors are confused right now from what decision they have to make to let my daughter get the best treatment that she could possibly have to prolong her kidney and at the same time to not let the fungus spread further. This is a very complicated procedure for them and this is not an easy decision that they have to make. My daughter's fear is that once they put the kidney to rest, it may not function anymore. According to the doctors, if that happens, she can't have anymore kidney transplants because of what has happened to her.  My daughter is very strong in her faith in the Lord and loves the Lord so much but she's only asking the Lord to prolong her life so that she could see her 2 boys (10 years old and 14 years old) grow up. I have already declared her healing but God has His ways of treating His children in need and I know we just need to believe and be patient according to His will. It has to be God's will and not our will. My daughter is patiently waiting when this healing will take effect and when she's completely healed. Please pray for the doctors, nurses and the staff to give them the wisdom and guiding hands from the Lord. The last time, a few months back, one of the nurses who was coming to the house left the gauze in her chest where my daughter was being treated and it was left there for about 2 weeks inside her chest. It got covered by the fatty tissue and if not for the scan, they would have never found it.  They thought it was another fungus, but they found out later that it was a gauze that was left by the nurse who was coming to clean up her chest wound. Here's another example of what my daughter has had to go through because they needed to take that gauze out from her chest. There is a hole as big as a vacuum hole on her chest so that that they could vacuum the fungus from her 24/7.  That chest wound is not healing yet, and they said that's one of those chronic wounds that will not heal. I believe that there's nothing impossible with the Lord when the doctors say that it's not possible.  PLEASE PRAY FOR MY DAUGHTER'S COMPLETE HEALING. NO MORE SURGERIES. NO MORE PAIN!!  With love in Christ,  Sis Margie

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prayer Request for Dave

Our neighbor, Dave, is going in again for surgery tomorrow (Thursday) to have another brain tumor and cyst removed.  This would be his second surgery within 6 mos.  Please pray for his protection and a successful surgery tomorrow.  Please pray for strength and peace for both he and his wife.  Pray for wisdom for the surgeons and their staff.  ~ Tami




Prayer Request for land

I am trying to get a hold of this field or land by my house, with it I would feed and minister to thousands in south Sacramento, I would grow crop's and turn my current home into a recovery home. The people at the home could help me with the field so in turn they would learn about farming and raising , growing their own food. For this to happen God would have to move in a great way so please pray. thank you for your time.  ~ Richard

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Prayer Request for Jon

Please pray for Jon.  He is only 15 years old and he is in critical condition in ICU.  He was out with friends Sunday night and a drunk driver hit their car going a high rate of speed.  Jon has a severe head injury, both lungs have collapsed, his spleen ruptured, he broke both hips and has several facial fractures.  He is a kind, loving young man and his family is devastated.  They need prayer, prayer, prayer.  Jon needs a miracle, the family needs comfort and wisdom and strength.  Thank you for your Prayers.  We know we have a merciful GOD and He has a divine plan for this sweet boy.  The family are not all believers, so we need prayer to witness God's Love and Comfort to them.  Again Bless You for your gift of prayer.  ~ Connie


Update and continued prayer request for Brittany, her four friends, their families and the young girl that caused the accident

Brittany is not doing well. They found a clot in her lung and she is developing pneumonia. The clot is interfering with the doctor's ability to operate on her broken bones on Weds. and we are all afraid it will break loose and hurt her or worse.  Her mother is being as strong as possible and we are all praying for everyone.   Please pray for Brittany and the other kids and their families that were involved in the car accident.  Pray for strength for all and a speedy healing for all.  The doctors are not giving John much hope, but we know our God can do anything!!   Also, be in prayer for the family of the lady that caused the accident.  She is only 20 and I'm sure her parents and family are also having a difficult time.  Thank you for all your prayers and kindness.  ~ Beverly

Monday, March 19, 2012

Update and Urgent Prayer Request for Brittany and Her Four Friends

Brothers and Sisters, the following is a prayer request from a dear friend of mine.  Please join me in praying for all of these children.  Beverly's niece Brittany and her 4 friends were involved in a vehicle accident with a drunk driver Saturday night.  The driver has been arrested and was not injured as far as I know.  This is an update to that prayer request.  Brittany is just now going in for surgery (3-8 hours) on her pelvic bones to pin them for the healing process.  Her spleen is healing itself enough for them to do the surgery.  She also has cracked a couple of ribs but the are now extra concerned about the ribs.  Her jaw will be wired shot sometime after the pelvis surgery.
The status of her friends who were also in the accident.  John (15 year old) who suffered the most critical injuries is suffering from head injuries.  He is in a medically induced coma in hopes that he can heal.  I believe no on can go in the room to be by his side because they must keep his skull open to alleviate swelling.  The doctors do not expect him to survive this.  I am praying so hard he will!  Thomas has suffered injuries and is banged up but released from the hospital.  Chris is in a wheelchair for now as he as injured his knees but does not have a diagnosis yet.  He also cannot keep his head up and is in a neck brace.  His nose won't stop bleeding.  He has been released to his family and is expected to get better but is struggling with his health and the terrible accident involving him and his friends.  There are two other kids that were in the car that I do not have a status of yet, but as promised will keep everyone updated for your prayers of healing and comfort for these guys and their families.  Thank you and God bless you all.  ~  Marlene


Thursday, March 08, 2012

Family Prayer for Texas Relatives

Please take a moment to thank God for the expected recovery of my cousin's son-in-law, Joey.  He is 39 and has had 2 small heart attacks and one very large one.  They have put 2 stints into one artery. They anticipate he will return home soon.  He and his wife Kim have little children who need their daddy.  Your prayers are much appreciated.
Cheryl C.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Prayer Request for Kristy

Kristy has recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  Though we understand that this can be a very treatable type of cancer, there are strong concerns for her.  She met with her surgeon on Thursday who announced that he is very concerned about this surgery and it's even keeping him up at night.  We really don't know why he is saying this, but do know that they have found other lumps (to the touch) in other areas.  Kristy is only 38 years old, a vibrant, beautiful woman who is married and has two young sons.  Understandably she is very scared as well as her family.  PLEASE keep Kristy in your prayers.  ~ Tami



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Update on "Prayer for Funds or Home"

Just learned that Greg & Jennifer have been given assistance for this month's rent and are out of the woods.  They are very hopeful that they will be thriving again by next month's due date!!

Thank you for your prayers.  Whenever they cross your mind, please continue to thank God for all He is doing for them - expecting to see real fruitfulness in this!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prayer Request for Herb's family

Please pray for the family of Herb, Teri's father, who we have been praying for over the last few weeks.  Early this morning Herb went to be with the Lord and so has now received his reward.  Please pray for the family he leaves behind as they adjust and mourn the passing of Herb.  Also join with them as they Praise God for Herb's life and how he touched them all in so many different ways.  There will be no formal memorial service at this time. More than likely this summer there will be some get-together to celebrate Herb's life. Pray for God's Comfort and Peace to surround them and strengthen them during this time. ~Chris

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Prayer Request for Robert

Robert has a very rare cancer, one in a million get it.  They put drains in the gland that goes to his kidneys as there is a tumor in there that is bleeding.  They are doing a biopsy Monday on it.  Then they are going to try to remove the gland as there are two and he can go without the one, but it is a very risky surgery so keep praying please, thank you.  ~ Bobbie